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film opornoOoh I don’t know about you, but I just can’t wait to head to the beach and stick my toes in the sand.

film opornoBut nothing ruins a great beach?day like sunburn (except maybe that family sitting near you that’s feeding the seagulls… why!?).

Sunburn isn’t just uncomfortable?— it produces?free radicals in the skin, which damage DNA, promote?premature aging, and increase the risk of skin cancer.

film oporno

The antioxidants in green tea?combat?free radical damage while witch hazel, aloe, and lavender soothe skin. As a humectant, vegetable glycerine draws moisture to the skin, keeping it well-hydrated and preventing any flakiness.

DIY All-Natural Soothing Antioxidant After-Sun Spray:


Makes 4 oz

*Note: Aloe gel isn’t naturally bright green! This specific gel that I link to and personally use is 99.75% aloe?with just a few natural preservatives.


First we need to infuse the witch hazel with the green tea by combining the two and allowing them to sit for 1-2 hours. After 1-2 hours, strain the leaves from the witch hazel and squeeze the leaves to remove as much of the witch hazel as possible. Discard the leaves.

Combine the green-tea-infused witch hazel with the aloe gel, vegetable glycerine, and lavender essential oil in a 4 oz glass spray bottle.

Shake to combine everything and you’re good to go!

Spray generously on skin after sun exposure.


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  1. Are there other essential oils that can be used instead of lavender? I’m one of those strange people that dislike the smell of lavender.

  2. I want to make this for my uncle for Christmas, how long does it last? Should I wait until close to summer when he will be exposed to the sun?

  3. Thank you so much for your kind words and support, Judy! I hope you’re enjoying the book ?

  4. I just love you and your site Nadia. Yea I ordered my ” Glow ” book. Can’t wait to read it!! I look forward to making this spray. Thanks and be blessed!!

  5. Yay I’m so happy to hear it! Well I’m always concerned about bacteria growth so I would advise against making a larger batch but that’s really up to you – just remember to keep things really clean (including your hands!) if you do, and to throw it away if anything starts to change/look funky.

  6. I’ve made this once already and I love it! I’m wondering how long it will keep if I want to make a bigger batch? Thanks!

  7. This looks great! I’ve been wanting to make a natural spray. Could I use aloe jucie and matcha green tea powder in this recipe?